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Welcome Our Two New Talents Pia and Sam!

We are pleased to announce our two new talents who have joined us at Love Management! Have a little read below to get to know them! 👇

Meet Pia Francesca

Pia is a Manchester-based content creator with an enthusiasm for fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Pia’s content creator journey began back in January when she committed to posting daily on Instagram. Since then her following, and engagement have skyrocketed, growing from 10,000 to 100,000 followers in just under 8 months!

Pia has grown a community of females, making up 70% of her following who are also fashion-obsessed and engage frequently with her content, giving them fashion inspiration, trend advice and insights into her beauty hacks!

Meet Sam Scott

Sam is a content creator and single mum of 1 + 2 kittens from Dorset, UK.

Sam has a passion for colour, home décor, DIY, organising, fashion & pets! Using her expertise as a small successful business CEO of home décor, she has recently started a new chapter in her life, becoming a full-time content creator.

Incorporating her experiences and the creativity of running a business, she loves working with like-minded brands as well as making memories with her family!

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